Montag, 9. April 2007

Nest an der Zeiskamer Mühle

Als Ergänzung zum Bild von Norbert Gladrow hier noch eine Aufnahme von heute nachmittag:


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Anonym hat gesagt…

I am representing a big group of Polish observers of Bornheim Nests and we have a forum in which we share informations on the happenings, not only from Bornheim, but from other Nests in other countries too. I am translating into Polish language your blog Martin, since you give here a lot of explanations and news about storks which we watch carefully. Sometimes I put on the Polish forum a photo from your blog together with translation of your text but I always mention you as an author of the information as well as a photographs, and where all the info come from. Do you mean it is absolutely forbidden?? Do I need to ask you every time for your permission? I must admit that I translate nearly every message which you put in Nest Telegramm, those people do not German language and they are always waiting for the translation of the news from your Nest Telegramm. Pls kindly advise. Regards Iwona aus P. (